The Way Of the Cross The Way Of the Heart Part 3

In this message “Way Of The Cross The Way Of The Heart Part 3” Pastor Kenny reminds of of the dangers of having a hardened heart. It corrupts and distorts our perception of things, it leads to self deception where we justify and do things we should not do, it  blinds us to the people God loves and cares about, and blinds us to who we really are as God’s image bearers who are supposed to be bringing the blessing and hope of the Kingdom to the world we live in.

Dust To Dust

In the message “Dust To Dust” Pastor Kenny reminded us of the upcoming season of Lent and called us to a time of focused intentional pursuit of God, to join in the kind of fasting that God desires, and to face our mortality and to feast on the truth of all that we have in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.