About Our Church

…a place of healing and hope, abounding in the Grace of God.

Our Values



Worshiping God is our highest priority and when we come together we value Spirit-enabled and Spirit-empowered worship that is purposed to minister to and touch the heart of God and that makes space for an intimate, authentic, life changing encounter with the Father. 

The Word of God

We have a high value for the Word of God. Expect a clear message from the Word of God taught in a practical, inspiring, applicable way that makes sense today. We aim to hear and obey God’s word and become “doers of the Word” and for the word to become the foundation for all areas of our lives and ministries.

Spirit Led

We value being Spirit-led and purpose to seek, expectantly wait upon, and to be actively responsive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in our personal lives and our corporate gatherings. And just as Jesus was sent by the Father, led and empowered by the Holy Spirit to speak the words of and do the supernatural works of the Kingdom, even so the Father is sending us to speak the words of Jesus and do the same works of Jesus. 

 Grace and Mercy

We believe that grace and mercy is fundamental to all that God does in salvation. We purpose to proclaim, extend and demonstrate the Father’s favor of grace and mercy to each other and to our broken world.

Simplicity, Honesty, and Genuineness

We value an atmosphere of ease and to act, speak and dress in ways, which people can respond positively. We want people to be free and comfortable to be themselves. We strive to create a climate that is relaxed and comfortable, and desire to be real and authentic, steering away from hypocrisy and phoniness; believing our gatherings are a place to genuinely experience and connect with God the Father’s love. 


We value discipleship and are committed to making disciples of Jesus and believe that Jesus is committed to, and has power to, transform us and make us more like Himself. We aim to provide training for all aspects of responsible Christian life and ministry.

Everyone Gets To Play.

God, the Father, is always at work all around us and invites every believer to join Him in what He is doing. He “gifts” them and gives them roles or tasks and the grace to join Him in accomplishing His purposes. We purpose to provide an environment of unconditional love, acceptance and mercy, where risk taking in ministry is encouraged and regularly modeled.